Saturday, January 23, 2016

ADDICTED to tv series?!

More and more people are addicted to TV. Younger think that it applies only to older people who still watch the news and a long series, but in fact in my opinion teenagers are more addicted than older. If we ask somebody on the university "What are you waiting for?", the vast majority will say that they are waiting for the latest episode of their favorite series. 
I still don't understand why people are so suprised when I say "I didn't know about what "How I meet your mother" is.. sorry". They are waiting all week to turn on the show and for 45 minutes to forget everything around, focusing only on the fate of heroes. That's funny in some way that some of us prefer spend time watching an imaginary story than live their own lives. To sum up, are you addicted to Tv series? Does your favourite series ends? Just read how to cope when your favourite TV show ends, I hope it will helps you! CLICK HERE to find out more information about how to cope in difficult for series lovers times!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

new year, new you..

A New Year's resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from new year's eve. 
Everyone wants to be a better person but the most popular day when they want to start they new life is... TOMORROW. Why tomorrow? Because today is the last day of old life, last cheat day, last day lying all day in the bed, watching all day TV series and doing in fact nothing.  
But despite TOMORROW, New Year is also a good idea to change something. I would like to present you Top 10 special New Year's Resolution.
1. Back to School – Learning has no age. Pick up where you left off.

    2. Fit in Fitness – Secure a future with fewer trips to the doctor – exercise. Select a regime you can stick to. A group activity may add the element of fun to the routine. Lose some flab. But don’t set any strict target, for then the chances are you may get de-motivated and quit.
    3. Soak up New Skills – Learning something new and interesting is always fun and a value addition too.
    4. Healthy Hogging – Think before you put any morsel in your mouth. Occasional indulgence should be there.
    5. Lose the Loan – Pay off any debt you may have and feel light at heart.
    6.Sack Stress – This sounds easier than it actually is, and there is no magic tip. You have to find your own haven.
    7. Contribute for a Cause – Giving back to the society is the least we can do to make the world a better place to live in.
    8. Treasure your Treasures – Splurge is fun, but saving should be the way of living. Plan with your future in mind. Relax the grip once in a while for that blissful indulgence. But should be just one or two annual affair.
    9. Liven up Your Lifestyle – Professional growth is okay, but your personal life requires attention too. Strike a balance.
    10. Organized – This is the key to make life easy, manage time and live stress free. Make a proper To-Do list, and you are half way there already.
    And what's about you? Have you already started? Remember TODAY is the best day to change something, tomorrow you can continue your own "resolutions" ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

pleasure form of spending free time?

As a hothead I often think about the aim of having passion. That is weird, I know but.. why people spend huge amount of money just for fun? Upkeep the horse, attend the rally, cost of workshops, collect difference things - requires a lot of dedication of time and of course money  In most of case people don't earn money from passion (that minority, who earn is the luckiest people all over the world!) So why? Why we do it?
First of all I believe that passions shape our worldview. Hobby allows us to rest from everyday life,
to get away from it all. Passion gives us the opportunity to meet new peoplepeople like us. That's all. Everyone should have passion than our daily life would be easier and gives us more pleasure. 
If you haven't got passion, that isn't problem.  Dance, sport, guitar playing, backpacking, fishing or even playing chess- as you see, you can find it everywhere. Just try!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

university, yeah!

The main aim of our universities is teaching students how to create new possibilities and innovations and how to find a job after graduation… So, how they can do it without a facilities on their campus? Let’s make a list of conveniences which can be very useful in the student’s life.
First of all there is lack of Wi-Fi connection and what is more- of technology. Why I mention about it? Universities must innovative and technologically upgrade themselves to stay ahead of others and assist the students in much better way. Three, poor quality computers in the library – that is not enough. 2 000 students on the one faculty should have an easy access to the Internet. It doesn't mean that there should be 2 thousand computers but the number should definitely increase.
Another, University should provide more possibilities to find training period. Sometimes it is a first contact with a work environment. Why students can be exposed to bad first impression? Sometimes they have been studying for 5 years and after graduation they can’t find a suitable job. Or even more just while working they realize that is not what they wanted to do. The problem is very common and university should find a possibility to fight with it.

I suggest firstly that the university should invest in technology. Of course, government must provide financial support to the universities and they should change the amount and quality of computers in the library. Secondly, the university should provide a contact with a specialist and company, where students can find a job. So, the directly contact with special community connected with proper branch should be providing for example by cooperation between university and business. Workshop, visits, lectures – it could be a great method of encourage students that their studies are valuables and that there is work for them after studies. What is more, university should provide a list of contact with the best companies where students can find training period.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

FAKE HELP, help me?

Why do some people attempt to manipulate and control others? Nobody knows. Some manipulators probably have a personality disorder; others are probably unconsciously mimicking behavior they grew up with and haven’t yet examined; others are probably using planned, calculated attempts to get what they want in life. 
Last time I heard about one of manipulation techiques which is called "FAKE HELP" and that's why I decided to write some notes about it. 
Fake help is–you guessed it–when a person pretends to try and help you, but really their “help” is just an attempt to control your behavior. Fake help becomes gaslighting when someone disingenuously “helps” you with some sort of psychological problem, either one you really have or one invented by them, with some motive other than helping. Be carefull sometimes HELP is dangerous.. 

slim and fit!

Weight loss- this issue is connected directly with women, the vast majority of people opting for weight loss are women. Men also attempt to lose weight but for a different reason, men do it for impoving health (in the case of hypertension, excessive cholesterolinfarct risk, etcless frequently due to the appearance or self-esteem. As opposed to men most women do it for aesthetic reasons. Women have always cared about their appearancebody conditionskin, nailshair. Nowadays in world full of ads with pristine beautiful women, the pressure of perfect looks and the figure is higher. It is important that the diet should be well-matched to the body and a healthy! Woman, remeber that all comercials are fake- photos in magazins, TV and billboards are improved and modified. So maybe accept your body will be a better option than torturing a drastic diets?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

can you imagine that you have only 62cm?

There is a woman in India who has just 62 cm. Jyoti Amge, because we talk about her, is an Indian actress notable for being the world's smallest living woman according to Guinness World Records.
She weighs 11 pounds and stands at 23 inches. She has a "form of dwarfism called achondroplasia". 
Jyoti can't do normal, everyday things because she look like 3months baby. For her safety always someone needs to be with her.
On her fame, she says, "I don't like it if I am being held like a baby," but that she will let some people and fans pick her up.
She also gets mad when someone annoys her by touching her hair or keeps touching her without permission.
Could you imagine how difficult is life with 62cm height? But Jyoti decided to use it in the best way and... stay ACTRESS! We can see her in different movies, in August 2014 Amge was even cast in American Horror Story: Freak Show!
Despite of height she has a big personality. If you have not possibility see her with your own eyes you can go to Celebrity Wax Museum in Lonavala. Where you can easily find her wax statue.
In Poland we have TV show, which is called "woman on the edge of the world" and I "met" Jyoti by watching it because one episode was tottaly about her. 
Enjoy watching ;)